The power of Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 2010 has out grown the typical laptop. By the typical laptop, I am referring to the 4 GB paper weight that many of us are toting around trying to get SharePoint 2010 to work. In this article, I will discuss the various configuration options you have for setting up SharePoint and will walk you through step by step on how I set up my personal laptop. In this series, we will discuss the following topics:

Many of these configurations will require a bit of horsepower to complete and while this describes the virtual environment that I have running on my laptop, it is by no means a restricted architecture. As this document is meant to be a work in progress, feel free to drop me a note with any feedback you feel is appropriate. Many of these configurations are a result of trial and error from the earlier versions of SharePoint 2010. While I hope that all of the material is accurate, I am sure there are always others ways to get things working. I plan on releasing these items in small iterations as I rebuild my farm from the Release Candidate version to RTM.

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