In this article, we are going to create a new web application that we will allow external users to access via ADFS 2.0.

This is a continuation of the previous articles:

We will first visit the domain controller (mcm-dc1), and add a Host A record pointing a host header to our SharePoint server on To do this, run the DNS Manager, find mcm.lab.internal node in the left hand pane, right click in the center pane, and select ‘New Host (A or AAAA).


Populate the ‘New Host’ dialog with ‘www’ in the Name and ‘’ in the IP Address and click ‘Add Host’.



Click ‘Add Host’ to complete the wizard. While we are on the domain controller, add an account for the SharePoint Application Pools similar to the one below:


Open up ‘Central Administration’ on MCM-SPS1, and select “Manage web applications’ and then click ‘New’ in the ribbon bar.


We will now fill out the ‘Create New Web Application’ dialog form with the following details:

  • Authentication: Claims Based Authentication
  • Port: 80
  • Host Header: int.mcm.lab.internal
  • Application Pool User: mcm2010\spapppool
  • Database Server: MCM-SQL1
  • Database Name: MCM_WSS_Content_ClaimsLab_Pub


Click ‘OK’. Once the operation completes, you will see the following dialog:

Click the blue link ‘Create Site Collection’. Fill out the ‘Create Site Collection’ form, ensuring that you have an account to log in. I have selected a Publishing Portal template for my environment.



We will now extend our site to create our HTTPS counterpart. Open up Central Administration, open up the Web Applications, and click ‘Extend’.


Here we will enter the following …

  • Port: 443
  • Host Header: www.mcm.lab.internal
  • Allow Anonymous: Yes
  • SSL: Yes
  • Integrated Windows Authentication: Negotiate (Kerberos)
  • Zone: Intranet


Note: It is important to use default port numbers (80 or 443) when using Kerberos as it will affect the way Search crawls the content.

In the next article, we will Configure Kerberos.

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