In a recent deployment, we came across an issue in SharePoint that disabled the use of alerts to members of security groups due to SharePoint sending the email anonymously. In order to fix the issue, I needed to change the ‘RequiresSenderAuthenticationEnabled’ property of the group to false. There were hundreds of security groups, so I had them dumped into a text file.
# This script will iterate through a flat file and retrieve a list of DLs or Security Groups.
# For each of the groups, we are going to change the RequiresSenderAuthenticationEnabled
# property of the group to false.


foreach($I in Get-Content -Path $settingsFile)


Write-Output “Attempting to change setting for ” $I

Set-DistributionGroup -id $I RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false


One thought on “Enable SharePoint Alerts for Security Groups

  1. True that alert emails don’t work in this case, but more important was the fact that we couldn’t send workflow emails to security groups, which is how I found the problem. Basically, any email that went to a security group wasn’t working – alerts, workflows, task assignments, and permission assignemtns. Another point of note is that this is a new default setting in Exchange 2007 that wasn’t in 2003, so it took me by surprise since Exchange was upgraded recently.

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