Once you have your web application provisioned, you will need to create a site collection with a top level site. The New-SPSite cmdlet allows you to create a new top level site with the URL and owner specified in the –URL and –OwnerAlias. You will also notice that we have the ability to configure our tenant administration. In fact, in order to configure multi-tenants, you must use PowerShell. The site templates available in SharePoint Foundation include the following:

  • STS#0   Team Site
  • STS#1   Blank Site
  • STS#2   Document Workspace
  • MPS#0   Basic Meeting Workspace
  • MPS#1   Blank Meeting Workspace
  • MPS#2   Decision Meeting Workspace
  • MPS#3   Social Meeting Workspace
  • MPS#4   Multipage Meeting Workspace
  • WIKI#0   Wiki
  • BLOG#0   Blog

The Cmdlet


New-SPSite [-Url] <String> -OwnerAlias <SPUserPipeBind> [-AdministrationSiteType <None | TenantAdministration>] [-AssignmentCollection <SPAssignmentCollection>] [-Confirm [<SwitchParameter>]] [-ContentDatabase <SPContentDatabasePipeBind>] [-Description <String>][-HostHeaderWebApplication <SPWebApplicationPipeBind>] [-Language <UInt32>] [-Name <String>] [-OwnerEmail <String>] [-QuotaTemplate <SPQuotaTemplatePipeBind>] [-SecondaryEmail <String>] [-SecondaryOwnerAlias <SPUserPipeBind>] [-SiteSubscription <SPSiteSubscriptionPipeBind>] [-Template <SPWebTemplatePipeBind>] [-WhatIf [<SwitchParameter>]] [<CommonParameters>]

The Script


$siteURL = http://lab.ps4sp.com&#8221;

$owner = “PS4SPShannon”

$secondOwner = “PS4SPAdministrator”

$template = “STS#0”

$description = “This is a sample site that was built using PowerShell.”

New-SPSite $siteURL -OwnerAlias $owner -SecondaryOwnerAlias $secondOwner -name “PowerShell for SharePoint” -Template $template -Description $description


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