Microsoft has made a number of investments in how SharePoint provides and consumes services. In SharePoint 2010, we had a number of services available to us in what was known as the Shared Service Provider (SSP). While the SSP was a great step forward from what we had in SharePoint 2003, it did offer several challenges. The primary issue with the 2007 architecture was that it was an all or nothing sort of configuration. Web apps were tied to a specific SSP and could not consume services in a selective manner. If the SSP had both Search and Excel Service configured, any SharePoint Web application that consumed Enterprise Search, also had access to Excel Services. The SSP architecture wasn’t extensible either, meaning that we couldn’t create our own services using the same SSP infrastructure. Finally, and most importantly, at least for the sake of this topic, configuring services cross-farm in SharePoint 2007 was difficult.

The new SharePoint 2010 Service Architecture has addressed all of these issues.

To make sure that the information provided is useful to everyone, we will start with the Service Application architecture and build our way up to the cross-farm or Federated Services available to us in SharePoint 2010.

To download the entire whitepaper, check out Federated Services .

Download the PowerShell Scripts.

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